Childhood friends Alex Lott and Stef Albiero have always been passionate about football. From the high school days of playing NFL Street until 2AM, to spending hours on the couch watching Redzone and talking fantasy strategies in college. 

Fast forward to today, and they are building a brand around those the same fantasy football topics they had while sitting on the couch, to help anyone who listens WIN their fantasy league with valuable information from game film and analytics. 

Most importantly, they believe fantasy football is about camaraderie and having fun. 

We hope you'll take this journey with us, and for those of you already in our community- we love you and thank you for your support. 

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Alex Lott

Alex is a Colts fan that resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Alex attended the University of Louisville and has had roles on staff with the Kansas City Chiefs and Louisville Football recruiting department before landing his current role at Under Armour HQ.

Estefan "Stef" Albiero

Estefan "Stef" Albiero is a Browns fan that resides in Louisville, Kentucky. Stef was a NCAA D1 swimmer at the University of Louisville before landing his current role managing sales and operations at an ad tech startup.